Semtech OPC Applications

 PS converter for copper
             Endpoint of each slag- and the copper-making step
             On-line judgement/correction of the slag quality
             Increased revert consumption
             Minimized magnetite formation
             Temperature indication during slag forming steps
             Faster introduction of new operators to the PS process
             Process development 
⦁     PS converter for Cu/Ni matte
             Correct endpoint of slag forming stages
             Much increased first pass of PGMs and Co
             Reduced PGM, Ni and Co loss to material circulation
             Increased revert smelting capacity
             Much reduced spinel formation    
⦁     Anode furnace
             Endpoint of the reduction step 
             Reduction efficiency (rate of injection)
⦁     TBRC converter (Kaldo) for precious metals
             Endpoint of lead oxidation 
             Endpoint of selenium refinery (minimize Te oxidation)
⦁     Ausmelt/ISA converting furnace
             Endpoint determination
⦁     Flash/Kivcet furnace    
             Burner efficiency, Oxidation/Reduction balance
⦁     Teniente converter
             Continuous on-line white metal grade, slag quality