Semtech Metallurgy AB History

Our Story

Semtech Metallurgy AB started about 30 years ago (1987) as a spin-off from research at Lund University / Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), the Physics Department. The company founders Willy Persson, Professor in atomic physics and Wilhelm Wendt, PhD were active here at the time. The Semtech OPC technology was developed in collaboration with the Swedish company Boliden Mineral AB to provide continuous on-line information on the status of the process in the PS converter. The first commercial OPC system was installed already in 1994 at Boliden and is still in daily use, with the same optics and spectrometer! (The electronics, software  and know how have of course evolved with time).
Semtech is nowadays located in two cities on the Swedish west coast. The head office is in Helsingborg  (metallurgy and process development) and R&D,  manufacturing and service is located in Halmstad.